The Caregiver Oracle - Available

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The Caregiver Oracle is a beautifully illustrated 44-card deck created for caregiving professionals, anyone who cares for others, as well as those seeking to better care for themselves. As a master-prepared registered nurse and nurse educator with more than 20 years of experience, the author knows how important it is for caregivers to make their own needs and well-being a priority. Only when we commit to tending to our own essential needs can we continue to give to others without experiencing resentment, fatigue, and burnout.

The Caregiver Oracle is an inspiring, intuitive self-care tool filled with wisdom, supportive guidance, and resources you can use on a daily basis to cultivate a steady self-care practice. Whether at your job or at home, this deck will remind you to treat yourself with the love and care you deserve so you can continue to be a bright light for others while living a thriving, beautiful life.